Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mail Art & more

 Isolating fabric gives it a whole new meaning. This has such a floaty, under-water feeling to me. I had to put random letters on the card. The little "z" is for our little Z.

 I have a small collection now of fabric bits. I'm always looking for more, of course.

 Yesterday the pool water was cool, the air was warm, it wasn't humid - a lovely day to swim. Today, not so much. A rainy start to the day. This is it for today's weather in Richmond, VA, USA.
Bizoo loves to be where I am, or if I'm not accessible, he's where my honey is. He's such a puppy! We can't get over how big he is and still growing! Here he is laying on my Philately catalog with his paws on a recipe for a clafouti. He's learning a lot!

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