Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday already! Where'd the week go? Mail Art & more.

365.2 #339

365.2 #340
 I started out on Monday using letters that I'd cut out of a graphics magazine. This A with the dots is perhaps a take on the scandanavian alphabet, in which case it sounds like an "O" so I titled this one "Oh!"  Simple - only 4 bits.
365.2 #341

365.2 #342

365.3 #189

365.3 #190

365.3 #191

365.3 #192

For some reason, on Tuesday, I went back to my striped fabric bits, but here again, only 4 bits. I like how airy and light this one is with a lot of depth.

Wednesday, back to using the letters from the magazine. 5 bits, now why did I need to add that tiny black circle?

And here is yesterday, the "ae" combination. What alphabet? Back to only 4 bits.

This was the 2nd Monday card. I made it for my grand. Maybe some day when she's older I'll make her an entire alphabet set. Z is for Zinn. See below.

Tuesday's 2nd card - more striped fabric.

Wednesday, the 2nd card featured an umlauted "u" or, at least, I think it's that with the dots artistically placed. I like this one a lot. I always like it when I can find a circle that works as a transparency or appears that way.

Yesterday, another winner winner for me. Another circle that works as a transparency or magnification, perhaps.

Here's Bizoo, fast asleep in the chair next to me in my temporary studio space.  Does he ever love this chair! He's 4 months old as of Monday.
Bizoo is asleep, but look who's awake. Here's Zinn! I took this photo last night at my honey's birthday celebration. She is looking so serious here but there were many moments of smiles and lots and lots of "words." She is just about 4 months old.

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