Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday - update on Mail Art, my workshop, and cuties!

365.2 #325
 I presented a workshop this afternoon, for teachers of grades pre-K through high school. It was very energizing! The participants were engaged and, hopefully, got a lot to take back to their classrooms.
365.3 #175
365.2 #326

365.3 #176
 I'm posting all of the Mail Art that I've made this week, to date.

I'm going to be away from the computer for awhile, and though I'll be making daily mail are, I won't be able to scan and post it until next week.
365.2 #327

365.3 #177

365.2 #328

365.3 3178
 Then I'll have MORE catch-up to do.

I'm happy with the way these are turning out with my limited resources.

This is helping me to see how my studio, when I return to it, can be simplified.

This is a good challenge for me.

I was surprised by this one after I scanned it an noticed how dimensional it is.

I was cutting out a lot of squares and punching out circles for my workshop.

I decided that it was time for a minimal square collage.

So simple, so minimal, and yet, a lot of action.

Found a scrap of an image of art work by Boetie. It's a weaving with letters of the alphabet in it. I love the bright colors.

The addition of the circle made the composition more "complete" for me.

Behind this plastic is my studio. It's getting dried out. I think that construction may happen faster than I originally thought. YAY!

 Here's Bizoo, hanging out in the crowded side porch. My studio space is to the left behind the wall. I'd set up the iron board, turned to get some water for the iron, and quicker than a blink of my eye, Bizoo was on my shirt! Cats are amazing in that they suss out just the place to lay down that you don't want them to lay day. He was purring loudly.

We received this fabulous photo this morning. Zinn in repose!

So long for now. See you in a few.

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Connie Rose said...

I love your collages, Mim!