Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday: update on rooms, Mail Art, and more

 Here's my terribly messy studio, which I'd planned on straightening up this summer.
 Here's my studio as of this morning. The clearing up and out happened sooner than I thought.

That pesky draining A/C unit created a waterfall in the wall dividing my studio and the TV room.

I'm a bit tired but, surprisingly, not cranky about this. Just tired.
 Here is my temporary studio, that I set up on the enclosed side porch off of our bedroom. I have a nice view to my right, of the big tree in the back garden. Not sure where this lap top will go. Perhaps after I cut up a bazillion black squares using my paper cutter, I'll put the computer on that little table.  I think I've kept essentials at hand.
365.2 #322

365.3 #172

These are Friday's Mail Art pieces. I like the paleness of them. A bit of topo map, some Washi tape, and my new circle dots rubber stamp.

365.2 #323

365.3 #173

Saturday's Mail Art: some more topo map scraps, stickers from a map sticker set, and since I didn't think the compositions were working, I added an ink swoosh! Yes! That works.
365.2 #324

365.3 #174

More topo maps in today's Mail Art.

Most of my stuff had been moved to the new space but the work area was in the old so what to use. I started with two pieces of paper torn from a magazine print of a Leger painting.

I put a piece of topo map behind the bits. Glued down, they looked okay, but not great.

I still had my tin of Washi tape handy, so I added bands of tape and that just made the composition work for me.
Tomorrow's Mail Art will be made in the new space. I'll be able to get out of bed and just steps away will be my studio! Nice!
 Here's Bizoo. He's exhausted from helping out, jumping in and out of boxes, checking out where things were going, watching stray ants on the window sill, tossing scraps of paper. He does like this perch on the old high chair which is in my new studio space.
And here's the cutie pie, Baby Z. Can you believe it? She's 3 months old, and looking so serene.

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Connie Rose said...

Hey Mim ~
I just started following your blog. I LOVE the simplicity of your work -- collages, mail art, etc. And love Bizoo.