Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday, a very rainy day.

 I was looking out the upstairs back window to see if the rain had finally stopped and saw that my dogwood was in bloom! This is amazing. It's a late bloomer and is very different looking. It's a shade tolerant hybrid. It has an off kilter shape because early on, a limb from the big tree fell on it and tore off a small branch. I'm so happy it's blooming!
 Bizoo in my studio last night. Before we started to take things apart. Stuff still on wall, all water damaged. He's sticking with me as I pack up, helping me by jumping into the packing boxes, and climbing over the paper stacks. What a good helper.
 Now he's taking a little rest, on the ironing board in the studio, next to a photo of himself resting on the kitchen chair.
 These are some sparkly, silvery butterfly appliques that my sister sent me. I've put them up for sale in my Etsy shop. I sure hope someone can think of something cool to use them for. They are silver metallic thread embroidered. Very shimmery.
365.2 #319
 I used an old show card from my friend Keith Long to alter. I attached the man's arm, which I scuffed up a bit, and a real four leafed-clover that was laminated. Keith makes excellent sculptures, using repurposed material. I'm going to send this to Keith.

365.3 #169
For today's second piece of Mail Art, I used some scraps that I "unearthed" on my work table. Oh the bits that were hidden there amazed me.

This is a collage book that I sent off to Laurence in Nancy, France for an exhibit of Carnets. I started it in Belgium in 2008, completed it just this spring. It says, in Dutch, "Welcome to the mim." Who or what "the mim" is, I don't know but I sure liked seeing my name in print.


Terrie Purkey said...

I received your p/c today - even though I don't comment often, I read each of your posts and just love the way you continue to be creative and explore mail art options. Such simple shapes but such effective compositions - thanks for thinking of me....one's coming your way soon.

mim said...

Thank you, Terrie. Glad the card arrived. I do think of you.

phonelady said...

hi there oh my how cute bizoo is ....I bet he is a holy terror ...just kidding I remember when I had a kitten in the house what a night mare he was into everything . sorry about the flood that is just heartbreaking but at least it can be fixed ....God bless and take care .