Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday update - could be worse!

 Here's Bizoo on my lap. See that black and white checker tile area? Well, that will be gone soon. It's been there for 25 years! Hard to believe. Now, because of the water damage to the tiny TV/guest room (N's childhood room) and to my studio (M's childhood room) the tiles have to be ripped up. And maybe the floors.
 See that little square on the wall? That's a tiny collage in a tiny plastic bag. It's got water in it! The assessor took a photo of it to show how much water we had coming down the wall. I'm glad I saved it to show him. This wall will be torn open.  The ceiling above it will also be torn open. Everything needs to be dried out. Then reconstruction can begin. I have to pack up everything I need for 2 to 6 weeks, like my art supplies. I'll set up shop in a corner of our bedroom. I'll have limited supplies & space so it's a good thing that
a) I work small and b) I like to work minimally.

365.2 #320
Here's yesterday's Mail Art using a part of an old photo and a library card. I stamped some rubber stamps on it.

365.2 #321

The company working on the rooms will bring me boxes tomorrow to pack my supplies and other personal stuff like photo albums, fabric, etc.

On Tuesday, the company will arrive with packers who will pack up the books, furniture, other stuff and take it to storage.

I can't believe it. I'm so happy that I don't have to do it all.  Like wrestle a futon into submission and then find some place to store it? Couldn't have done that.
365.3 #170

365.3 #171

Still, I'll have a lot of work to do, packing all the little doo-dads I've got all around me. Tiny sculptures, stuff I need to do my workshops, supplies, and should I let them pack up my boxes of received Mail Art and store that?

Okay, tomorrow is another day. Time to rest my mind from all this.

I'm grateful that this isn't any more involved, grateful for the help, grateful for good attitudes, and I did say that I wanted to clean up my studio this summer, so now I'm forced to do it. So it goes.

And there's always Zinn, and Bizoo, to distract me, make me smile!


Margie said...

Zinn looks like she has gas, LOL! One heck of a way to clean your studio woman!!! Don't wear yourself out.

mim said...

yes, I believe she does! You are correct! Yes, hadn't planned on re-organizing this way. Why oh why do I have so much PAPER? and tiny do-dads?

Found art blog said...

I reckon Zinn's annoyed she can't play in your art room.

mim said...

Hah, Maybe that's why she's looking so perturbed (or is it really gas?)
Bizoo, meanwhile, has been helping pack up, or rather getting in and out of the cartons kind of help.