Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, what a day! Mail Art & more

 I purchased a tiny fan at the Dollar Tree (where everything costs $1.) I needed it the other day when it was hot and the a/c wasn't working.

We had a bad thing happen with the a/c - it sprang a leak and our upstairs front two rooms have water damage. We thought the damage was mainly in the tiny TV/guest room, but it wasn't.

Today, I started to clear out my studio so that people could come in to check on the extensiveness of the water damage.
And oh bother, it is very extensive. My studio is worse that the other room.
I discovered that the prints from my last show (Tiny Town) that were in a portfolio leaning against my table, were ruined.

Before, as it normally looks, a mess

after, a different kind of mess
 Then I discovered that prints from my New Jersey Turnpike exhibit, which were in another portfolio, were also ruined.  grrrr
365.2 #318

365.2 #168

Here's my table before I started to clear it out. A big mess which I had every intention of organizing this summer.

Here is the clean up in progress. The wall is very damp. It's wall board. And very damp. The work on it was soaked. That little square that is still on it, is a small plastic bag with a tiny collage in it. It's half way filled with water!
I have two fans on to try to dry it out. All of my mail art is off of my Real Wall.
I've got boxes to store things in. Where I'll put those boxes, I don't know. Plus I have to keep my daily Mail Art supplies handy.
Oh this will be interesting.

The floor is damaged, too.

The inspectors come on Thursday. More on this after that. In the meantime, I've got lots of work to do clearing out the studio.

Oh, and we discovered that our freezer isn't freezing. Fun. More soggy stuff.

 But, I made today's Mail Art-YAY- I used my honey's photos (rejects cause the printing wasn't perfect) and altered them with the figures, circles, and random text. I realized after scanning them that the little girl looks like she's hanging from a string. Oh no, not at all, the line is behind her, really.   I like these. 
 Here's Bizoo resting on his favorite brown paper, which is so used that it's almost like fabric. No crinkle sound left in it.
Here's baby Zinn looking so spunky. She is getting quite the personality.

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chris said...

Your problems with water bring back memories of our flood. Don't throw anything out - it has become another chapter in the story of those works - something really great may come from it all. I have great faith in you to turn it all around. It's just awful that you have to go through the drama of it.