Thursday, June 06, 2013

So much Mail Art, so little time.

365.2 #301

365.2 #302

365.2 #303
 This is my Mail Art covering 4 days. I'm making faster than I'm sending out. Why this is different than in my first 365 project, I don't know.

In the past, I made, scanned, posted ,and mailed. This time it's make, scan, post, toss in a pile. Hmmm.
365.2 #304

365.3 #151

365.3 #152

365.3 #153

365.3 #154
Thanks to fellow collage artist Santa DeHaven for the idea of using fabric elements, though in 302 it's a flower petal.
Taken something out of it's context changes it, to state the obvious.

I need to change things up, so I added the moth, which seems so on the picture plane while the blue shape is so far back in space on this one.

Here I do a complete change. I had no more good fabric bits to use and no more magazines to cut up. Aaaagh.

I had been given a bag of old photo postcards but ran into a special problem. The photos were curled and even using double sided tape I wasn't able to get them to adhere properly.
These will be send in a clear envelope.

What follows are the companion pieces to all of the above, the 2nd Mail Art piece of each day, which I could as my concurrent 365.3 project.

I like this one most of the group.

Here again, the curling up photo postcard, which is quite heavy paper stock, causes a problem. The adhesive just isn't strong enough. My solution, a clear envelope. Meanwhile, I'm trying to flatten the remaining photos and hopefully will use them in the future. I really like them a lot and want to share them.

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