Sunday, June 09, 2013

Mail Art - Sunday catching up

365.2 #307
 Tiny Town is back, for a brief visit. I have one more "blank" to alter then it's done.

While the residents were not sure of the propriety of the new monument, or it's placement, they were somehow drawn to it's smooth, simple elegance. Tiny Town always worked around strange occurrences.
65.2 #308

Tiny Town residents were grateful that Simone took on the duties of feeding, and looking after the well being of, Phideau.
#365.2 #309

365.2 #310

I have to come up with stories for a few of these cards. Nothing has come to me yet.

Ah, a lute player, what will I have to say about her?  I'm using some of the cards that my honey had printed for his Body of Evidence exhibit. They were the ones that he was not satisfied with the printing. They work as cards to be altered, by me.

Check out my honey's website HERE. It's a work in progress. More of his work will be added on a regular (or irregular) basis.
365.3 #157

365.3 #158
 The brass armillary was suppoed to be installed in the new colossal garden. The error on the part of the moving company was not appreciated by the residents of Tiny Town.

I was taken by this item when I saw it in a magazine. It was tough to cut out but worth it. I had to look up the word armillary!

Marie Claire's visits were infrequent as she led a very busy life, and Tiny Town residents always enjoyed her pleasant demeanor.

365.3 #159
 This guy is a companion piece to #309. They look like they belong together when I have them side by side. Maybe the same recipient needs to receive both of them. No story for him yet, or the woman, in the red coat, at the fox hunt.
365.3 #160

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