Thursday, June 06, 2013

Altering my own Mail Art

365.2 #305
 The past three days, I was feeling thwarted by the old photo postcards so decided to just work quickly with what I had at hand. Colored paper and circles.

I made a series of simple color shapes.

I scanned and posted them and realized that I wasn't satisfied with them. Boring, just plain boring.
 Like the Landscape Beautification Project, I needed to do something with these, so I decided to "textify" them - in a move I called "Textification Project."

I found that this worked for me. These aren't my favorite collages, but they are better than before.
365.2 #155

365.2 #306

How nice that, in the case of collage, and Mail Art, I can change a piece, make it more to my liking.
365.3 #156 altered

Do you think the addition of the text improved the composition for you? What would you have done?

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

Oh--I think the text really adds to them. And I liked that green and orange combo. Your style is so nice and "spare" -- is that the word? I seem to ad and add and add to my collages -- I like how you keep it simple!