Wednesday, June 05, 2013

In coming Mail Art, Out going Mail Art (& 2 cuties)

365.3 #150
 Here's they are, milestones of sorts. #300 and #150, these numbers make me feel like I'm getting to my goal. Plus, I really like the way these turned out. They're among my recent favorites. I made them last week. This week isn't going so great so far, in terms of Mail Art. But can't be 100% all the time, right?
365.2 #300

 Awhile ago, I received this very, oh so very, Dean pieces of Mail Art. It's a piece of wood, with rounded corners, that he, no doubt, gleaned from the streets of Paris. What it's original use, I have no idea, but Dean turned it into amazing-ness. He covered the front with  an intricately woven something-or-other and many faces of Olivier.  More on Olivier in a moment.
 Here's the address side. On this side there are wonderful French postage stamps, strips of text cut from posters for Olivier's performance (How to become Parisian in One Hour)

On the card, Dean tells  me that he scored quite a few of the posters while attending the performance. When I got the card, I thought that Dean had written the messages and faked the autographs. ha ha ha, but wait......
 the real story comes out now. Dean sent me this photo of Olivier, mailing this card to me! The autographs are genuine. Wow!

Now the rest of the story.   My Honey and I went to see this show last winter, while in Paris. We loved it, thought it was hilarious, laughed so much. We kept telling people about it. Dean had told us that Olivier is his neighbor. How cool, right?

Then, one evening, my honey and I, plus 3 of our Mail Artist friends went to dinner at Dean & his wife's. We were in the entry foyer, in the dark, because we didn't know where to find the light switch (this is an energy saving custom, no lights on until you turn them on.)All 5 of us were huddled around the door bell panel, trying to find Dean's buzzer, when the outside door opened, and the lights came on.
We turned, I'm laughing as I write this, and there in front of us were Olivier and Claudie. How surprised they must have been, as were we. Oh, my, I'm laughing right now at remembering this moment. I then realized that this was OLIVIER from the performance! I stammered out something about seeing the show, and he said something nice, and then wished us goodnight as he and Claudie disappeared up the stairs. We held ourselves back from getting hysterical laughing. We made it up to Dean's, by squishing into the elevator, with stifled laughter, until we entered his apartment and laughed and laughed, and finally when we calmed down, told Dean and V. the story. This may not be funny when you read it, but picture the situation from each perspective. In the dark, huddled group, lights on, SURPRISE!

And for those of you in London, Olivier is performing his show  there. Go and see it! You won't be sorry you did. 

 Now to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes, and continue. Here's a photo of Bizoo, which I took yesterday. He was on my lap while I was trying to use the computer. He is so lively. He shows us that a paper bag, or a big sheet of crumpled brown paper can be so much fun. What a reminder to take joy in simple things.
And here is our grand! This is Zinn, appearing to be dancing some lively folk dance! This was sent to us from Chicago, the other day, which is a city full of folk dance opportunities. Opa!


robayre said...

Catching up on my blogs and I'm so happy to see all these shared pictures of Bizoo. So cute!
And once again, thank you for sending the book back. I love it so much!

Margie said...

Oh Mim, I could see where that would be an hysterical situation. And don't you love when just thinking about it makes you laugh out loud? Priceless life moments. Zinn is such a beautiful baby. And Bizoo is a sweet little kitty. Glad you are enjoying her.