Friday, June 14, 2013

A bit of Mail Art, a lot of Bizoo

365.2 #313

365.2 #314

365.3 #163

365.3 #164
 Circles, I'm all about circles right now as I haven't found good images to cut out. I need new source material!

Circles are always my default.
When Julie came to visit, we cut some circles using her gigantic circle cutter. They're a good size addition.

Yesterday was a crazy day with a storm, a deluge in our house, and other disruptions.
Keeping Mail Art simple is a good thing on days like that.

Large circle really changes the scale. I used a left over tiny circle inside of a medium circle, inside of the larger one.

I keep a tin full of black circles handy for just such a day when simplicity must rule.
 Our niece spent the night as her home lost power in a storm and her hunny was out of town.
She came into the kitchen early and caught Bizoo doing things he never does when we're in the kitchen with him. 

Here he is checking out the sink.
 Here he is IN the sink.
 Here he is, having somehow pulled the garbage bin door open, hoisting himself up, and then onto counter and sink.
 Here he's sleeping on the low-boy rather than in his bed or on his comfy soft chair.
And here he is, hiding in a white paper bag. "No, it wasn't me. Nope, it was a look-a-like and why is Auntie M playing nanny-cam?"

We found out this morning, that Bizoo has 6 toes, and because of his markings, he'd be identified as a "target tabby!" Who knew!?

Note to me: 1. buy museum wax to stick things down, like the candle sticks.
2. keep kitchen sink scrubbed clean
3. buy baby latch to keep garbage bin locked tight
4. laugh a lot


robayre said...

I'd never heard of Target Tabby before, so I had to look it up. I think our new kitty Fionna might be a target tabby as well. I'll have to check when I get home from work. I know Matt's old cat RC was. When he was younger and when Matt still lived at home he got a bit fat and the target filled out giving him a "watermelon" look. It's kind of like how they say certain striped clothing can be more flattering than others.

mim said...

Oh no, we'd better watch that Bizoo doesn't get to be a "watermelon" tabby. I love this anecdote. I'd never hear of it either, until this morning. Well, we certainly want his stripes to stay flattering.

Found art blog said...

Repeat number 4 often!!! I knew a grey and white cat that had "Thumbs" too. He was a sweetie...!