Sunday, June 09, 2013

Odds and Ends

 Here are some of the entries for the Skull Appreciation Day 2013 Mail Art exhibit at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago.  
 This is a delicious little meringue made with violets! I got to taste one and buy a few at the Farmers' Market this past Tuesday.

Edible flowers are what makes Petal Palate special. If you're in the area, check them out.
 The little puffs melt in your mouth and have a very delicate flavor. 
 Bizoo had some visitors this afternoon. S. and N. came by to help B. get acquainted with more people. They told me, before I got Bizoo, that they'd need to come over to get the kitty used to children. What a good idea! So here they are, patiently waiting for Bizoo to send the aluminum foil ball back out from under the paper. He was leery of their energy, but I'm sure that after enough visits, he'll be happy to see them.
 Okay, stretch, stretch and hold! Kitty yoga perhaps? Kitty Pilates? This is quite the pose, wouldn't you say? Bizoo stayed like this for awhile. Must have felt good.
 J. came to spend some time with me. We made a salad lunch and then talked about quilts (her new one is gorgeous) and looked at quilt and fiber books. We measured yards and yards of vintage trimming and wound them on cardboard. And we punched circles out of paper using J.s new HUGE hole punch, and my smaller ones.

Here's a scan of some of the left-over hole punched paper. Nice, right?

We both felt like we'd have a vacation day! What fun.

And here is our little cutie. She spent some time with us on Saturday. I caught this photo of her after she had a diaper change on top of our washing machine. She looked so cute in her summery dress.

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