Saturday, August 03, 2013

Mail Art, and some yummy things.

365.2 #363

365.3 @213
 We had lunch at Amuse the restaurant at VMFA. This is our yummy dessert. There was something creamy and lemony inside of these crepes. The plate was decorated with sauces & berries.
365.2 #364

365.3 #214

Here's the Mail Art from Thursday and Friday.

As you can see by the numbers, I close to the end of my second year of making Mail Art daily.

My honey said: you can relax now.

But no, I started 365.3 on 1 January 2013 thinking that there's be some other starting then. But, alas, I was alone and I'm not going to stop now.

This little joyful figure knows that she's the second from the last of the project. Happy dance.

I bought more cat food for Bizoo. I unpacked it from the sack and he jumped up on the counter and embraced it. He was trying to get inside. How does he know that his food is inside of those tins?

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Found art blog said...

He can read the labels. Cats can do that, you know.