Thursday, August 08, 2013

Thursday catching up - Mail Art, the "shelf," and the babies.

365.3 #218

365.3 #219

365.3 #220
 I'm enjoying changing the scale using tiny people. Not Tiny Town, but the folks of that location perhaps stepping out into a big world. What do you think?

I've altered a show card for a craft exhibit in London.

Here's another altered show card. The necklace is made with flax seed pods. Wish I'd seen the actual piece. The Tiny People seem to be inspecting it thoroughly.

I was sent a nice painted landscape by a new member of IUOMA and thought I'd make him a landscape in return.
I had to go to the Art Supply store to get some watercolor paper since I don't have all of my supplies (temp studio!) I used a new ink pen (Pilot Parallel) and some Morilla water colour pencils because I couldn't find my paint. When I hit this with water, I discovered that the ink wasn't water proof, however, I really like the effect. My honey said "Oh, make more of these!" So I will.

A friend and I strolled over to check on the "shelf" and my friend wrote in the journal. There are new things added to it, and other items are no longer there. This is a terrifically active "shelf."

My door bell rang about 9 a.m. this morning. It was Sage and Nate coming to visit Bizoo, but primarily to interview me about the "shelf."
Sage and Nate are working on Sage's newspaper and are doing an article about the "shelf."  I was able to go back to my earliest post that was tagged "shelf" which was spring of 2007.  I printed out a photo of that minimal little site for her to use. We discussed the history of the "shelf" then we went to take this group photo. Adriana joined us. There's Sage holding the photo of the original shelf. This "shelf" was created by the children, along with Sage & Adriana's Dad. It's magnificent. There'll be a contest to name it. It's way grander than a shelf now, don't you think? If you want to participate in the naming, just let me know your idea and I'll pass it along to the children.

Speaking of chlldren, here's our little Zinn the other morning when it was sooo chilly. She was swinging on the porch with her Da.

I couldn't help grabbing the camera for this yoga pose by Bizoo. So relaxed looking.

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