Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday update

 This past week, I made a series of floating fabric pieces. These are so minimal, just the fabric and a circle (or two.) I love the feeling that they have, out of context, and we can give them any meaning we want.

Then today, while emptying boxes, I came across a nice photo by Lotte Jacobi, taken in the 1930s. The woman is so pensive. I put the group photo and a single man's image behind her with some random text. I love the narrative feeling of this one.


 Here's Bizoo enjoying plastic packing material. He loves the sound when he jumps on it and through it. What a cheap toy!
 This darling pale blue bird was looking at me at the Pet shop the other day when I stopped in to get some kitty treats. Isn't he sweet, so pale and soft looking. The clerk said he has a sweet temperament. I wish I wanted to have a bird in the house. This would be the one.
 We went to a new ceramic exhibit. There were some interesting pieces in it.

Don't the two people look like Tiny Town inhabitants? 

And here's our sweetie, Zinn, this morning. I got to visit with her before she had her afternoon nap. Look at those cute fingers!

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