Monday, August 05, 2013

Checking in on the "shelf," the flyer, and Mail Art

 I visited with the "shelf" which is now more like a little house. I remember when it was first really a little shelf. I called my entries on the blog The Elflog. Like Shelf Blog but like an "elf" was leaving things there.

Most people going by have no idea who's done this. It's mysterious.

I added a tiny Bonne Maman jar with a turquoise rock in it, and an origami crane that my honey'd gotten in the mail in a package from Japan.

Here's the flyer that I posted on the pole near my house. I checked this morning. The first missing tabs are - Hope, Courage, Freedom, Opportunity, and Good Luck.

I think I'll track the ones that go first each time I put one of these up. Has anyone done that?

This is today's Mail Art. I used half of a postcard from a British Craft exhibit, and added two figures. I love the scale change. The reverse of Tiny Town in this case.


Rachel Carter said...

I want a shelf!!! I might have to copy you!

Rachel Carter said...