Monday, August 05, 2013

Mail art 365.3 and a wee bit of nostalgia.

 This is the companion Mail Art piece to my last 365.2. I used a piece of topo map, some found negatives, and random letters.
 This is the first piece of Mail Art done without a companion - 365.3 - It's kind of how I felt making only one. Like it was a soft landing, puffy and fun, easy peasy. some days, I might make more than one but the pressure will be off.
 Here's a view of my studio today. The subflooring is almost finished being laid down. Tomorrow, the floor guy will come and do that and start laying tile. It's getting closer to the finish. I can't wait to re-set the studio. It'll be leaner, cleaner, and more organized. Yay, me.
 My honey got busy cleaning out the little garage.
This lovely castle had been stored there, most unfortunately. Here it's expression is perfect for it's condition - MOLDY! I'm so sorry about that. I wish I'd been a better care-giver and stored it in a better location. Maybe we can find another on eBay. Do you think so?

However, the Royal family, including the Knight (not pictured here) are safe and sound, along with their horse and furnishings. And their dragon, too.
We, also, found The Adventure People. This was a wonderful play set. Men and women, people of color, with tents, helicopter, jeeps, boats, scuba gear, ready for adventures. These were made between 1975 and 1985. Very vintage. I'm glad that we still have them. They're keepers!

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chris said...

I'm sure Z will love coming to visit you to play with all of these little people!