Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid-week catching up - color!

365.3 #230


 I'm continuing my water color Mail Art series. I'm finding it more comfortable to get the effects that I want if I don't rush.

In this one, I ended up with some blurry dark sport as the water ran. I was in a hurry to scan.
This landscape came about after speaking with friends in Idaho, near the huge fire.

Here's another postcard that is based on my idea of what the high desert in Idaho looks like. I've never been there, so I'm just imagining it.  I like the way this one turned out.

This morning, I tried to do something different. I'd been looking at the shore line of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, by the Chesapeake Bay. This is my attempt to do something coastal, looking down like a satellite view. The left upper area would be the bay. That area on the actual Mail Art is darker.
 We were at Lowe's hardware store this morning, and as usual, I'm drawn to the paint samples. I just love looking at all the colors.

They make me think about when I was teaching color theory in the Art Foundation program at V.C.U. and my students would raid the color samples  for their projects. Our building was located just across the street from the Lowes. How convenient!  I don't think that color theory is taught in the program these days. The color samples are safe!

This past weekend, friends visited us from Pittsburgh with their little daughter, Ace. She and I looked at all of my nail polish and she chose a sparkly rose to take home with her. She likes blue polish as much as I do. It's so about color.

Today, Sage came by and looked through the box of goodies that M. left for her and her sister. She's wearing the colorful plastic charm chains that were popular with girls in middle school in the 80s. She, also, put on every ring in the box. She went home a happy camper!

We stopped for some frozen dessert the other night. I had 2 colors of sorbet and some kiwi. I was going for the color combination, not caring if the tastes meshed. As it happens, they did. Yum!

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