Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mail Art, the mess, and, of coure, a little more.

365.3 #234


 This is the last of the water color pieces of Mail Art until I can find my water color paper. This is another attempt at doing an over head view of the shore line along the Chesapeake Bay.  I want to try more of these.

So yesterday, I had to go back to what was at hand, color paper. 4 colors.

For this one, I did the color pieces first. It was very minimal and I wanted more, so I added the circle on the right and the random letters & number. In the end, it makes me think of some kind of scientific equation or explanation.

This is the view of my hall and front room on Friday morning. The painters were starting to work on the rooms.

Here's the very front of the room. It looked like an art installation. This is still part of the water damage we had last June. But as of today, it's all taken care of, the work is complete.

Except for this - the boxes came back from storage and have to be emptied. Most of the stuff goes into my studio - and they're stacked up in it. See Bizoo inspecting the site? Wish he could help me clear out the boxes.

Here's Bizoo with a "friend." 
The shelves in my studio and the tv/guest room had to be painted, so we hired a terrific handy man, who helped us before. He's a musician, actually. He had his ukelele with him and played a bit for me. Wow, what a nice treat. Newly painted shelves and live music.

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