Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday! Yay!

 This is the Mail Art that I made yesterday - another water color landscape.

This is so fun and a nice break from collage.
 This is today's Mail Art #222 of this year. I'm enjoying making these water colors again.  And the response to them is so supportive.

I came out of the super market to discover that my new car looks HUGE! I couldn't believe what was parked next to it. I've never seen one of these in person. It has a cute face, right? Do you know what it is?

These are three Artist Trading Cards that I got from C.Z. Lovecraft. I added text and a half circle to each before passing them along to a 3rd person.
Add and pass!
And here's our baby pirate girl! Stripes always look good on a pirate.

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Margie said...

Your watercolor mail art is killing a good way of course! And that grand baby of yours gets cuter and cuter!

I am crazy about your watercolors!!! Hint, hint, LOL!