Monday, September 09, 2013

Where did the past week + go? Why didn't I post?






Random words and the eye of a famous painted lady on a recycled cardboard background. Sometimes something so simple can be powerful. I think eyes are always powerful, don't you?

The buddha like figure is from a catalogue, maybe Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I like it so much for use in my collage. Here she contemplates raspberries.
After spending time looking at photo albums that I unpacked, I decided to use up some found photos and some negatives, which we'll never print again. Ever. Do you still have negative strips like these around your house?

These, of course, evoked lots of thoughts about memory, and memories. These pieces are about my memories and the memory of unknown people's snapshots.
 I agreed to participate in and add and pass project by a man in Portugal. The theme of his first "album" is stamps, so, of course, I used postage stamps. I happened to receive an envelope full of them from a Mail Art friend. How convenient!

I caught Bizoo on top of the refrigerator. It's the first time I'd seen him up there, but for all I know, he spends his nights up there, since we close him up in the kitchen so he won't wake us during the night. He was quite happy being up that high.

Oh look what's on our 'fridge?'
Here's the little gal enjoying food. She's tasting lots of different things now, at nearly 6 months. This day, it was star fruit/carambola.  I love how she touches things, with her cute little fingers.

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Margie said...

I await photos of your new creative space dearest, all spitffed up! Such a beautiful baby!