Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boxes, Mail Art, and more.

 Boxes, my life has been about boxes, recently. And today, I emptied that last of the ones in my studio. It's been difficult because I didn't want to just take things out and pile them back on shelves or wherever. I sorted - give away, throw away, keep - and filled my car with stuff to take to the thrift shop. So much stuff, where did it all come from.

Here's Bizoo enjoying a box.

Here's a view of the boxes in my studio just a few days ago. It seemed daunting. They were stacked up so high on my studio table. And they were heavy! 

Many of you have had to go through this. What was it like for you? Did you find it emotionally draining, or just tiring, or boring. I've found it all of those things.

Here are more boxes.  Now I have to go through some of the boxes that were in the boxes and decide what to keep.

 Also, I have 5 bankers boxes to go through, but that's another story.




I've altered a card for this Mail Art. It's a necklace, actually, but I think it become something so different with the addition of the 2 people, don't you?

I cut the figure out of the painting and planning to use it but then the background was more interesting. I put the flowers behind the "empty" area. Some random text makes it all work for me.

Here's another attempt, though not as successful as the first, in my opinion.

And here's a minimal collage.

And here's our baby who is so fun and engaging these days.
She recognizes me. Yippee. In this photo, she's wearing a hat made by my older sister who is making at least a hat a day. She sent a dozen to Zinn, and a box full to me to sell for her. Do you think people might buy these? I can put them in my Etsy shop, though we hand crafters can't compete with foreign made goods, that's for sure. Our prices can't be so inexpensive. What's your take on this? Hand made goods vs commercial goods. I'd like your thoughts on this.


Found art blog said...

Well, I understand your etsy dilemma. Totally!! There's nothing "wrong" with your hats or my giftwrap, but I can't bring myself to "give it away" at rockbottom sweatshop prices. I can only say list them for three months and then if still unsold, make another decision then.

Anonymous said...

I love Zinn in her little pink hat. Adorable. And I rec'd the CTA transfer mail art. So cool. Thank you, Mim! xo, bb