Monday, September 16, 2013

An entire week later....

 I received a tourist postcard from someone in the Mail Art Union. I HAD to alter it, and I sent it back to the sender like this. The original is of a Mission Church. Yes, that's a building. I really did change up the scale, didn't I?

I've been emptying boxes slowly. One that I opened had albums of photos from my deceased friend. I'd forgotten about them.  In an aged envelope there were some photos and some bus transfers from 1933. Amazing. I used one of them to make these two Mail Art collages, and used bits of the envelope, too.


I decided not to tear any others up until I found a place that might want them for historical purposes - like the CTA museum, if there is one.
This piece of Mail Art, uses random text, and 2 pieces of paper. So minimal.

This one uses random tex & letters, plus two pieces of paper. So minimal.

I decided that I needed to commemorate the chilly day, yesterday, with some autumn colors. My friend died leaving behind her box of colored paper. I decided that I'd use them, and my  own. I refuse to die with unused colored paper!!

The paper is like Color-Aid brand but it was another name. I forget which. The paper has aged and is fragile. It marks easily so I have to be more careful with use of adhesives. I'm determined to use it all up.
 Here's Bizoo asleep in the chair in my temp studio area. He stretches out and is SO long. And his tail is like a lemur's, right?
This is the banana bread I made last week. I was planning to make a banana cake but grabbed the wrong recipe and it was too late to change once I'd started. It was quite tasty and had chocolate chips in it, but it was on the dry side, more like a bread, which is was. Next time, I'll be more mindful and make the cake version.

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