Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday - Mail Art, Baby, Kitty, and other stuff



 This week, I decided to just go with what was at hand, no theme, no sticking with any particular scraps.

Three pieces of colored paper for this minimal MailArt. The punched out holes are nice with the color from underneath, right?

Here's another vintage bus transfer collage. This is going to my friend BB in Chicago, which is where the 1933 Century of Progress fair was held. Mom worked there at the orange Crush booth. I have the "hat" she wore.

The black and white photo is from an unknown source, dated 1945, Minneapolis. The film strip, maybe my friend's, Arizona 1964-ish, showing her paintings, I think.  Other people's memories.

Today, I decided to make another in the series "Landscape Beautification Project." I think this one worked out nicely.
 Yesterday, I made a huge vat of vegetarian chili, using Rose Elliot's recipe, which is on my recipe blog here.  I quadrupled it. I made some for the person who bought my Chili Dinner at the Richmond Peace Education Center auction last year. And some for us, and for our son, and for a couple who just had a baby. Whew. That's a lot of chili. I made corn meal muffins and brownies, lots of them, today. The auction person picked up this evening, we delivered to our son, ate ours for dinner, and will deliver to the new parents tomorrow. Whew, again.

Almost had a big problem, I put 2 t of powdered cayenne in the pot but didn't stir, fortunately, so was able to scoop most of it out. I added more beans and tomatoes, then steamed some potatoes and added those. Whew. Spice level, just normal.

So the other day, I came home and found that Sage and Nate had set up shop in front of the house. They had a table with a bucket of markers, and for sale,  drawings, apples, and small vehicles. Sage said that she thought they'd have more traffic in that location.  I don't know how successful they were but they sure were entertaining.

Yesterday was "talk like a pirate day." I put the gold coins and eye patch in the shelf after saying "Aaargh" to the kids. 

Bizoo stretches out on our bed in the morning. He's very long.  It's amazing how cats can relax and take a nap so easily. Actually, many naps through out the day, in various locations. Favorite spots: a kitchen chair with a soft cloth on it, the chair in my temp studio, the old baby high chair with a soft cloth on it, our bed during the day, and some unknown location where we can't find him but when I crinkle the treat bag, he appears from it! It's a mystery.

Here's our little gal wearing one of the hats that my older sister made for her. we've had some chilly mornings so she's been wearing her hats! She looks so cute and different. This sort of gives us the idea of what she'll look like with hair, right?


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Hey Mim--I checked out your chili recipe. I make chili quite often -- and freeze it too. I saw you don't often have chili powder.....that's important...want me to send you some lovely CA and New Mexican chili powder? And my secret chili ingredient -- Las Palmas sauce -- either the enchilada sauce or the red chili sauce, whichever you can get. It adds a lovely flavor. Happy September.
PS Loved the postcards too.

mim said...

Thanks. I would love some chili powder that is more authentic than my home made version of cumin, oregano, and cayenne.

Margie said...

Loving her in that little pink hat!