Monday, October 07, 2013

No more boxes, Mail ART!


 13 days ago, I wrote my last post. Since then, I've been busy emptying cartons and putting the contents away, tidily, in my studio space. I'm so happy.

I continued to make my daily Mail Art.

Here are 6 of the pieces. They are a collage mixture.




This card was made specifically for Erni in Hamburg, because he sent me a really cute toy! A big surprise. See below.

I made this one as a prompt, for myself, to see the things that are funny in life and not focus on the nasty political atmosphere in the U.S. right now.

Here's the pull toy that Erni sent from Germany. It's the wolf by Keith Haring, and it's so cute. He got it at a flea market for a low price but postage made it an expensive gift. I sure loved getting it.

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Kate Harper said...

Are any of these postcards? I'm looking for postcard mail art to include in my mini mail art gallery on my greeting card blog. If so, can I post some of your images on my blog?(with link of course).
-Thanks! -Kate