Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gray day, some Mail Art, and some sky.


 The other day, someone left a nice comment on my post. She's now included me in a post on her blog - about Mail Art. See it here. 

This postcard includes a photo that I inherited from my friend. She's the littlest girl in the front, surrounded by her cousins.

Today, it's very gray; a rainy day was predicted and we got it! I used some subtle colors from a paper sample book and some random text for this card.
 We've been having spectacular sunsets! Reds and violets that are so intense. There are too many trees in my neighborhood so I don't get the big picture but friends have posted clear shots of the sky on Facebook. Amazing. Does this bode ill or well for us, does it mean that a volcano blew up some where? I remember reading once that some gorgeous sunsets we had years ago were because of that. Anybody? Do you know what these sunsets are cause by?

The photo of the sky above fountain lake, taken last week on the way home from Spanish. I may have posted this before but I really really like it so I'm posting it again.

This was another sky last week. I was driving home from my book club and I pulled into a parking lot so that I could take this photo.

Clouds! Never two the same, right?

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