Monday, October 28, 2013

The week begins....

 Keith S. Chambers sent me two cards from his soup series. So fun! And to think that I was planning to go as Andy Warhol to a costume party! Perfect.
 During the putting together of the damaged rooms, I came across the outfit that our daughter is wearing in this photo. Our grand will get to wear it this coming spring. Cute photo, outfit, and if I say so myself, child!
 Here's Bizoo asleep on my lap. I took this selfie, awkwardly. That's my ear on the left.
 And here's our Zinn eating pasta from her Papa's bowl at Stella's. She's wearing the sweater that I made using Greek cotton yarn. Perfect for eating at a Greek restaurant.
 Another find during the move in was this circa 1990 postcard from Polidor restaurant in Paris. I added 2 postage stamps and the "big" girl.

I made this card for a birthday of someone who works with flowers. The Victorian scrap paired with the Chagall painting and a few words that echo the sentiment on the Victorian scrap. A few dots, et voila, a finished piece of Mail Art.

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Margie said...

Always delightful dear Mim!