Saturday, November 02, 2013

And the end of the week....Mail Art catch up and pumpkin time.

 I think of this as a portrait of a pumpkin. This one was small and meant to be made into pie, but instead I baked it and mashed the "meat."

Then I made it into a Pumpkin bread using the recipe that came with the new baking pan that my honey bought for me.

I'd seen it in an old magazine and he found it for me on-line. I love it and the recipe is really good. You can find the recipe on my recipe blog - here.

 Isn't this pretty? And it tasted so good, too.

This used another Victorian scrap and a BIG question, in Español.

I couldn't get to the scanner, but then who needs to these days, I have a phone! That's one of my fave autumn nail polish colors on my nail.


A scrap from an old French phrase book, a few dots, and a Miro sticker.

I had to alter an old postcard - I had the urge to resurrect the Highway Beautification Project - but in a new guise, major public historic site improvement. How did the committee do on this one?


Margie said...

Good job with the pumpkin portrait!

mim said...

I was channeling you and your gorgeous photos, Margie!