Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Shameless Plug!

Body of Evidence
A Shameless Plug: My honey is celebrating the first anniversary of the creation of his Body of Evidence  Book Art. 
This is quite exciting and because of this, he's offering 10 of them for sale now in advance of the holiday season. They are amazing, I must tell you this. Really, they are, and I wish you could all see them in person. Check them out at his new site. The link is HERE.  And
SHARE with others whom you think might enjoy seeing this art work.

You can see more of his amazing work on his Facebook Fan page, and his website.

Shameless plug ended.

when I open my eyes in them morning, Bizoo is standing guard.


Margie said...

A big congrats to Chuck! How exciting.

Beanie Mouse said...

How fun!! BTW, weathergrams normally have poems written on them rather than the lower panel decorations I put on them. Haiku type things I'm led to believe. But whatever suits...!!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Saturday and bought some wonderful mittens from you. Now I am trying to contact you with an idea and that quest took me to your blog, which is beautiful and totally inspiring. If you can contact me please do. Still trying to reach you.....
Susan Massey