Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching up on Mail Art midweek, and a bit more.



 I'm happy that I took the time, one evening to just sit still and cut out some of the Victorian scrap repros that I have. This makes it so easy to just find the right vintage postcard to set them into.  I'm happy with this lot of four, how the figures fit nicely into the view.

I posted #322 on Facebook and someone looked up the original image, found the postcard on eBay! Oh my, it's got a bit of value but I think it's been made more valuable by my making it into Mail Art.
What do you think? Should I spend time researching which of my vintage postcards might have value? Like $3.29 usd, then scan both sides and post and then mail if I get a sale, spend the postage and time, and then the % to eBay?
What do you think?

 I like the way the color on the Victorian scraps works so nicely with the color on the old postcards. Oh I'm feeling so positive about these. They remind me of my Tiny Town days. 

This card is so clunky to me. I was in a rush. I had the Victorian scrap and the piece of paper with the hole on my table top and just went with it. Clunky. I added some text, which sort of helps. Some days are just like this. Clunky. Have you had Clunky days?

On a cheery non-clunky note - here are the babies. Zinn was 8 months old 2 days ago and N. did a photo shoot of her in his studio. It's about time she got to play with the tools of the trade!  And there's Bizoo, sleeping on the sewing table, near my gift from Erni.



VioletSky said...

Most postcards are way overpriced. They are only valuable if they are in pristine condition and someone wants it. I've bought cards for $1 and seen an almost identical one for $12 at another vendor's stall.

I like these little Victorian people on holiday!

Margie said...

I could kiss Zinn's face off! Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a Clunky Day in my life. ja ja ja Love you & Happy Thanksgiving! bb