Friday, November 15, 2013

Mail Art, Slow Art, Postcards & Pens

 I just did a little experiment and it worked. I couldn't use our scanner in my usual way as C was at his computer. I put this piece of Mail Art on the scanner then did some poking around on my computer and figured out how to scan wirelessly!! Woo hoo! No more waiting to scan. I'm "high-fiving" myself for this discovery.

Here's a heads up to everyone around the world.
Slow Art Day 2014 will happen on Saturday, April 12th. Check the website here to see if there is something happening in your city and then register to attend. It's so fun and it's relaxing. I'll be hosting at VMFA again, and looking forward to it. I already have people signed up. Yay, early birds.
Spurred on by seeing many of PostMuse's pens, I cleaned up some fountain pens that I have and did some testing to see which of my pens are still good. Here are some of my pens and pencils. Do you recognize any? There's a Japanese brush pen, some inexpensive Waterman pens, my favorite Muji fine point (.38) pen, and a  mechanical drawing pencil (one of several.) My new favorite, however, is not in the photo. It's a Lamy Safari, pink, fine nib fountain pen, with purple ink in it.

I had a super fun treat this morning. I was one of three judges at the Old Dominion Postcard Club exhibit and sale held today and tomorrow at John Tyler community college in Chester, VA.

Here are two of the display boards that were to be juried.  Boards had themes like Views, Greetings, Topical, etc. It's so interesting to see what people collect and treasure.

Here's the display corner and a portion of the many vendors with their cards. Check out the Facebook page of the organization here.

As a thank-you, the judges received a wonderful book - a history of motels along U.S. Highway 1 through our area - via Postcards. 
If you have any interest in postcards, mail, history, or learing about a fun hobby, check out your area for a postcard show. They're all over the world.

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Andy Hoang said...

Slow art looks like a great idea! I'll see if I can get it on over here in Hanoi. Hope I'm still in hanoi in April