Thursday, November 07, 2013

Celebration! Mail Art and More.

 When we celebrate events, we offer congratulations that we've been able to reach that particular time in our lives. I celebrate a lot - besides the usual things that people celebrate.

I celebrate being able to make things and share with others, I celebrate having babies in my life, I celebrate being alive!



In Mail Art this week, I celebrate the life of my friend, who is no longer around. I inherited her photos and recently, while going through papers, found photos of her as a baby and small child.

I celebrate her life. She was a poet and a visual artist. 

She is missed.

Here's Bizoo, who came into our lifes unexpectedly last spring. His mother was rescued by a friend and she did a good job raising the litter. Bizoo is friendly and clever. Too clever at times. And big!

And, of course, our baby girl! Zinn has taken to making this face when having her lunch. Her mum thought is was so cute and fun that she took lots of photos of her like this. Mwah! Big kiss for you! She is cause for celebration, that's for sure.



Candace Jedrowicz said...

What a lovely tribute! And some cuties, too!

uncustomary said...

That's such a lovely banner! Thank you for participating, Mim. It's great to recognize the things we already have. <3

Margie said...

A lovely post and a beautiful baby face!

VioletSky said...

It is fun to see our old friends as children in old photos! A lovely tribute to all three.

Miki said...

You're right, there are so many things people don't usually celebrate and totally should. Lovely post ;). I'm coming from Mary's blog, btw.

Have a fun weekend!


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