Saturday, November 02, 2013

More catch up, before the time changes....

 My neighbor decided that a Halloween party was in order. I don't like to do costumes, so I dressed as WARM because it was very cold the night of the party. Beetle Juice is played by my honey in a costume created by our son a few years ago. It was quite effective

More Victoriana, some French and some Italian text on cardboard from a cereal box.

I treated myself to some new Washi tape. Here I use it merely as a design element and not in any narrative context. 

NEW, this card, however used OLD elements. The paper scraps are from an old book.

Minimal - a circle, some old paper, and four random words.

This is another nail polish color that I like to wear in the fall. I've been very careful about polishing my nails. It's like a meditation, waiting for polish to dry. I have to be quiet, not move about, be patient.


Margie said...

You party animals! Love the polish!

chris said...

Love the cards & of course, the polish!

uncustomary said...

I really really like that nail polish.