Monday, October 07, 2013

Some images other than Mail Art, just to share

 My little neighbor friends gave me a huge egg that their little white hen laid. It had a double yolk.
 I snapped this while stopped at a stop light. The clouds were so nice. I discovered that the update on my camera gave me filters! So I tried one on this. 

I checked on my neighbors kitties the other day. This is groucho, who I usually see when she's out and about, and comes into my yard. She's tiny and sweet, mottle peach and gray with a peach mustache. So cute. She didn't hold still so the photo is a bit blurry. 

I went on a day trip to Ikea, with a friend, to buy some storage boxes for the studio. This view of the building really pleased me. It was a terrific composition just waiting for me to take the photo.

Here's Bizoo interrupting my letter writing. 

Here's our baby at the pumpkin patch this past weekend. She's sitting up, she's crawling, she's sitting in a high chair, she's eating tiny bits of food, and slurping soup, and recognizing ME! Yay!

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Margie said...

Such a lovely variety in this post dear Mim. It made me smile.