Thursday, July 01, 2010

More cake and the start of demolition

On Tuesday, I made this cake, for yesterday morning, to bring to my last Spanish class until the autumn. I haven't used this mold for a few months and still love the way the lines are so crisp. I made some whipped cream to serve with it.  We didn't eat all of it in the class, nor could I convince people to take it away with them, so I popped into Spa310, where some really cool people work, gave them the rest of the cake and made a hair cutting appointment. Share the birthday cake with everyone!

Yesterday afternoon, I made my Brown Sugar Toffee Cake again. See June 23 post. I forgot to take a photo of it, but I think it turned out just as delicious as the first time. I managed to find Heath brand candy bars so the topping was crunchy. The recipe is here.

We're having our bathroom renovated. We wanted the bathtub gone (never use it, too shallow) and in it's place, a walk in shower. A temporary shower is in our basement. The bathroom is somewhat sealed off  with plastic while the workers are in there. The demolition began on Tuesday and so far, so good. No mold behind the walls, no pipes undone by vibration of the sawing or banging, so far so good. And showering in the basement isn't bad.

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phonelady said...

well good luck with the demo and hope all goes well dear .