Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thinking cool thoughts!

I'm thinking cool thoughts! What are those, you may ask? Ice cream, the pool (even though the water is tepid,) ice skating, how I used to sit by Lake Michigan and enjoy the breeze, last winter's snow storms, thoughts like that. Is it helping? NO! Nope, no, not at all! 37.7C It feels cooler when I write the lower number. Enough about the temperature.
SO my fingernail polish matched the floaty noodle thing at the pool the other day. How cute is that? And the flowers are doing wonderfully around the outside of the fence. They are well cared for by a pool member.

While driving our son back to his home from a pool morning, I grabbed this image of the tennis courts near his house. This is the place, though these courts are all new since the BIG flood, that Arthur Ashe learned to play tennis on. No one was playing the other morning, and I doubt they are playing today. Did I mention that is was 100F? There are lots of courts and in good weather, they are well used.

I am still busy with sewing. Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours cutting out items from my new fabric, having sewn up all the ones I'd cut out before. I made one item already, wanting to see how the new fabric looks as a Sunglasses Pocket. I'm pleased with the results. I think I'll do some more sewing now as it's just toooo hot to go outside for any reason. (Did I mention how hot it is?) I'm sooo grateful for A/C and the electricity to run it.  Doesn't this look like a black and white image? The fabric is actually beige with white and black. I used my cell phone and got this. Kind of old-timey quality to it.

Okay, F & F (family and friends) I'm off to my studio to sew.


phonelady said...

Girl you are the omni present seamstress. I love it . You are so good with that sewing machine . I have some buttons that are just sitting here if you would like them let me know some of them were my grands . I will talk to you soon . Let me know in my email if you want the buttons .

One More Time said...

Hi, Mim! My name is Bev Browning. I'm in Gainesville, Florida. In following your blog, I've become one of your biggest fans. Tiffany Ferreira in Richmond bought me one of your pocket purses as a surprise gift and sent it. You know what a happy experience MAIL can be ... especially if it contains an unexpected treasure! It arrived last night and I went crazy! I took a photo and will try to figure out how to email it to you so you can see which of your purses is in Florida. THANKS for being wonderful.