Saturday, July 03, 2010

What a Birthday!

Early in the morning, we went to the pool. After that, I went to my Spanish Meet-up group. A friend brought a gorgeous, delicious cake. YUM!  Another person brought some delicious homemade chocolate candy. YUM! (sorry, no photo of them.) And I got a cute little tea pot gift.

When I got home, I discovered that a friend had left me a cool gift, something that I've seen and liked, and can display postcards on it.  Plus, the little girls from around the corner, had left cards, cookies and some bits of shells. How sweet is that?!

But there's more: We then went to VMFA to meet friends for lunch! I had salmon over French lentils.   The day was just gorgeous, not hot, not humid.  After lunch, we stood still and admired the sky and clouds. Like a painting, yes?  I came home and read until it was time to go to the First Friday Art Walk. We went to a few galleries and chatted with people, before heading to dinner. Yes, more eating. We met up with our niece and her husband, our son and near daughter-in-law, and had a delicious dinner at Aziza.  I had scallops that were really good.

And we couldn't leave with out having Aziza's fabulous Cream Puffs. I took a photo of one with the little replica Roman Doll that my friend had given me.  By this time, I was ready to head home, dazed in my brain, glazed over eyes, from all the good food and companionship throughout the day, from the good cheer and happy birthday wishes, exhausted by it all, happily merrily gratefully ending my day.  Lucky lucky me.

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phonelady said...

I love the tea pot how cute . I am a total tea pot person too uber cute . Im so glad you enjoyed your birthday dear and many more to come and take care .