Sunday, July 18, 2010

Banana Cake, the pool and a boring comment about the weather!

The sky was so blue with just this one puffy cloud. I think this was on the 14th of July.  There was no one at the pool, despite the presence of the red car. We did our exercises, then headed back home to our assorted tasks. (Me to the sewing machine.)  I sold a couple of things from my shop, which is always exciting and always makes me energized to sew more items.
Yesterday, we were invited to have dinner at the home of some friends and honey had noted that we had some ripe bananas the other day, so I found a recipe for a banana cake (not bread) in my old cookbook. It turned out that my two bananas didn't add up to a cup so I went over to the supermarket and the only ripe bananas I could find were RED ones. I bought one and it worked out fine. My recipe can be found on my other blog here. Fortunately, my kitchen has a fan and air conditioning, otherwise baking in this heat would be too "hellish."

And now the boring comment about the weather. I know there's nothing we can do about it, it's what we have, but WOW it's hot. It's like an oven outside my door. It's not just the heat, which is 91F (32c) right now and going up to 97F (35c) but the humidity added to that. I know this is boring and I know that lots of us are in the same situation, but I just HAD to mention it. Thanks for letting me say it. IT"S SOOOO HOT.  Therefore, we're going to the movies this afternoon, to see Inception .

Something you might not know about me: I like Science-Fiction (Dr. Who, Battle Star Gallatica, Torchwood, Firefly, Sci-Fi novels, movies, etc.)


phonelady said...

oh wow i bet you liked the movie did you not ? also they say the heat is only going to get worse the weather channel yesterday said we have not seen the worst of it yet around august they say it will be worse and I have heard that the weather people are putting out warnings in az not to walk bare footed because of blisters and they mean even on the beach . Now in all my life I have never heard of that .well stay safe and take care .But you know the hotter the summer the colder the winter LOL !! which means we will probably have a icy cold winter .

tarabu said...

uggh, it *is* so hot! It's hard to fashionably and socially appropriate when you're so hot you just want to run around in a cotton sackcloth all day!