Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New stuff.

The other day we drove down to "the bottom" and as we passed under the interstate, the setting sun was reflected on the support. I liked the way this looked, including the curve of the highway.

Today, because it was just too darn hot at 103F (39.4C) I stayed indoors except for the few moments spent photographing items for Fritzi. I was able to get a couple friends to stop by and model Pockets for me. Besides preparing for tomorrow's mail art workshop, I made a few more Sunglass Pockets. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I'll take them by Quirk (the craft gallery on Saturday.)
Wish me luck with tomorrow's talk. I found out that 17 people signed up to listen to me!!!


phonelady said...

that is fantastic . I wish you much luck on your talk and hope all goes well . take care dear and god bless

Ellen Byrne said...

MIM! Love your photo! So chic and sophisticated! Your work aint too shabby either! More later, am running Camp Grandma this summer!