Thursday, July 15, 2010

An assortment of things.

I received this in the mail yesterday from one of the participants in my lunchtime talk last week. What a nice surprise! It was a Good Mail (Art) day.

I sold my really nice vintage tea towel Pocket from my Etsy shop today, popped it into the mail, to the afore mentioned Pam of the badly broken arm, and decided to finish another Pocket from vintage fabric. I put this into the shop just now. The fabric is so soft.

I met a couple of friends for lunch today at the VMFA. The large clay pieces by Yun Kuneko have been installed. Here's his big blue head. It looks like it wants to join the crowd of people.  The other sculptures are called Dangoes (dumplings.) When it's not so very very hot, I'll stay out longer and get some close up photos of these.

I really like four-o-clocks and have grown bushes of them along the side of my house. Some years, some are solid deep fuschia, some years they are white, this year there are buses with a mixture. I also have one bush with yellow blossoms on it. I really like the yellow ones and they seem so rare to me. Do you grow these? Do you like them? Do they remind you of your childhood?


phonelady said...

i cant get them to grow and I have a green thumb I even cross polenate my african violets to get different colors and still cant get four oclocks to grow lol !!!

Barbara said...

Hello chica. Okay, it's a bunch of things (separated by ***): yes, four o'clocks definitely remind me of my childhood, and, my former neighbor across the alley used to grow them in her "alley garden." She'd harvest the seeds as they became ripe (dark brown) & saved them until the following year. I used to harvest these as a kid*** Ah, that vintage fabric...yes, I loved it then and I love it now...good that it is going to good use, but it is so lovely it makes me wonder if I could have used it on my infamous basement project!***We saw Inception earlier today...couldn't wrap my head around much action!...the special effects are very cool!***thought you'd mention (photo?) the bathroom progress, but perhaps they won't let you in there! Is it taped off with yellow police-line-do-not-cross tape?! Ha.*** Hot here too, yes. Lovely to have A.C. We have 2 old-fashioned window units, and they really do the job...OUR bathroom project is just about finished...guess what color I painted the top 3/4 & ceiling? CHARTREUSE. Yup. Decided I was tired of my beige's shocking...actually, it's called Perfect Pear by Benjamin Moore. My boyfriend was SHOCKED at first, but I think he secretly likes it. Okay, enough about meeeee! Wanted to touch base with that sister-girl-palomina of mine. xo, bb

Lesa said...

Yes, I have four o'clocks too, but only in a hot fuschia color. I'd love some seeds of the variegated ones! I'll be checking out Park Seed's catalog. I harvested my first seeds from my husband's Aunt Ruth's front yard. She grew them beside her porch steps and no one could pass by the lovely fragrance without appreciating it. We always think of her when we see the flowers spring up near my chicken coop.