Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Mail Day

Yesterday was a Good Mail Day! I got two pieces of mail art. One from Andrea in the U.K. and one from Ptrizia Tictac in Germany. Notice, I got two of those sheets where you add your name, send mail art to the next name in line, and make copies to give to other mail artists. These two have some names the same and then different names added so I can see where they diverged. Very interesting. I, also, received one a few weeks ago, sent out mail art and two of the copies. I have 8 more to send out but slow going. I may have to go into Mail Art detox. (Yes, there's a detox group on IUOMA) I love the Mona postcard. She has big eyes like a Blythe doll. She cracks me up (makes me laugh.)

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phonelady said...

these are just too cute . LOL !!! I love it .