Saturday, July 31, 2010

New color and a storm

I changed the color of my nails but we didn't get to the pool for me to match them to a pool noodle. However, we went to a movie and on the way out, met up with some people we knew and I was delighted to see that the wallet of one of them matched my nails. She trusted me with her wallet for this photo! 

We had a really bad storm, really bad, so bad that trees came down all over the neighborhood, and power was out for a lot of people (not us.) I tried to capture the rain as I looked out my back door, but of course, the energy in the air, the wind, the wetness can't be captured in a photo.

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phonelady said...

Oh wow what a lovely backyard you have love the brick always did like brick buildings . we live in a brick apt building . Yes rained here yesterday but alas the weather man says the heat will be back again next week . Just think most folks in the country will be covered in snow in the next 4- 5 months .