Monday, July 26, 2010

Positively chilly!

Well, not exactly chilly but after experiencing 105F two days in a row, 91 felt down right cool! The water at the pool this morning was very warm after those high temps. What a surprise getting into it. Oh, a warm bath! My new polish color did not have a matching pool noodle but I thought the pale green was a nice combi with the orange.

 Moving some items around in my garage, I came across my very old Olaf's Dotter clogs. I thought they were long gone but there they were. I dusted the spider's webs out of them, made sure no-one was living in them, and slipped them on. They are still very comfortable and will be great for going out into the back garden.   Speaking of my back garden, I found this dead butterfly out there this morning. What a beauty. I don't know if I've ever seen this particular kind.  It was hard to get a nice photo of it on the ground so I put it on a planter saucer. Some ants came with it.

My niece bought one of my Pockets for her daughter (my great niece, and that she is) and sent me this photo to see what a success it was. It's so nice to see a Pocket in use.   

I'm behind in Pocket production. I gave myself the weekend off, and then made it a three-day weekend. Oh dear, double production tomorrow.


phonelady said...

hi there your buttons are on their way and I hope you can use them I mailed them on Monday the 26th . so plesse let me know when you get them . thanks .

mim said...

Oh boy, new buttons!

Lesa said...

The pocket looks great!