Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewing, lots of sewing.

I'm getting ready for my participation in the 3rd Annual Johnny Z festival on 7 August. (I've linked to an old bit of info about the festival.) I've got 10 Pockets, 17 Purses for Change, and 9 sunglasses Pockets ready. Whew. I sewed up everything I had cut out so my next task is cutting our more pieces. I have new fabric (from Ikea) and new buttons. It's the first time I've purchased buttons since 3 years ago in Paris. I've been using buttons from Mom's collection mainly, but really wanted some bigger ones and some colors that I didn't have, especially for the Vintage Tea Towel Pockets.  I'm really enjoying this. Since it's still quite hot here, staying indoors is preferable and having something to make is delightful.


phonelady said...

Yeah for all the sewing !!! You are so creative and talented my dear and I hope you sell everyone of them . Yes I heard where it will be in the hundreds there this wknd . stay cool and stay safe .

Lesa said...

I'm with you and like to sew when I stay in the house in the summer...too hot to go outside in SW Florida too. We got some rain this weekend, first time in a couple of weeks, so we're a bit cooler than you. And, like you, I am so grateful for air-conditioning. Hope your sewing projects sell wonderfully because they certainly are attractive and useful.

Found art blog said...

Do you need funky buttons??! I have funky buttons!! I'll trade you for some blue and white stripey material if you have any left..... like you used for Beanie's bag....??