Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Making Mail Art

Making Mail Art to send out into the world. I'm not an arm chair traveler, I'm a Mail Art traveler.

It was so hot here today that going outdoors wasn't recommended.* For real! Stay inside. Of course, we are really fortunate because we have air conditioning and don't have jobs out there. I can stay in my studio and make Pockets and Mail Art. Are you tired of hearing me say how lucky I am?

On Thursday, I'm giving a lunch time talk about Mail Art. I wonder if anyone will show up to hear me. Tomorrow is prep day. I'll be taking lots of books and examples of Mail Art for show and tell.

* 103F high temp today, 88F right now at 10h25 p.m. (39C high, 31C right now) AAAGH

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phonelady said...

I heard how hot it was there yesterday not much better here . everyone is getting a heat wave it stinks . Oh well love the mail art example you used here . ttys.