Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our pool!

It's been way too to hot for the guys in the family to do their 4 mile park walk so we've been getting up very early everyday and going to our small pool (North Richmond Recreation Association.)   We do our own version of water aerobics. The pool isn't chlorinated, it's salt water, which is really nice. The pool is located at the end of two streets, alongside Interstate 95 (for those of you not in the U.S. that's the major highway that goes up the east coast from Florida to Maine.) We can hear the traffic, which sounds like the ocean, but since they've put up the barrier wall, we can't see vehicles.   As you can see, we're usually alone at this time of the morning. We're pretty lucky to still have our membership. We were members when our kids were young. They learned to swim in this pool, and our son was the last lifeguard we ever employed. Lots of good memories. By the way, the pool water has been very warm, like a warm bath!

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phonelady said...

It looks very inviting is there a reason that it is salt water instead of chlorine ? just curious .