Friday, June 18, 2010

New Birds, New Clogs, and a New Pocket.

Here's a photo of the baby doves that hatched in the nest by our side window (which is made with glass blocks) near the young magnolia tree and our air-conditioner.  They are SO big. The mother and  babies are still, very still when we go over to look at them. My niece captured this view with her 'phone two days ago. I'll go take a peek shortly to see if the babies are still there. They may have left the nest already.

My birthday is coming up shortly and these are the clogs that my honey got me. We only saw them in pictures so had no idea that the fabric would be kind of velvety.  We thought they looked more summer-y that my usual python patterned clogs. These are vegan Sanita clogs. I love that the fabric pattern falls in different places on each clog. What fun. I'll start wearing them on my birthday.

This image was sent to me by Babs in Chicago, who ordered a bag like the one I made for the person in my Spanish Meet-up group. I have more of that vintage upholstery fabric, so I was able to accommodate the order.  I'm happy to hear from a satisfied customer and get this photo.

I, also, sent the Skull Pocket to the winner of the random drawing on Skull-a-Day. I hope she sends me a photo, too. I'd love to see her with her bag.

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phonelady said...

I did not know you were doing a drawing . I dont know why Im upset though cause I never win anything anyways. But those babies and those pockets and those clogs are uber cute and love when you post things like that , that is just awesome .