Saturday, June 26, 2010


A former student of mine, and she loves to remind me of that, has this amazing shop in Doswell, Virginia. She sells things from "the olden days." On a recent visit, I scored some envelopes from a chicken farm in Pennsylvania. Very cool. AND she had these enormously large bottles of Shaefer's blue-black ink for $29. The real deal. It's always such fun to visit and see the treasures and they're all for sale. You can read more about Squashapenny Juntion on another blog here.

Another really neat shop is at Quirk Gallery. They have terrific exhibits and a very neat shop. Currently, they have two of my vintage tea towel Pockets for sale and a dozen of my Purses for Change. Plus I was asked to come up with a sunglass "case." They're selling sunglasses and people want cases for them. SO I'm currently working on a design. My first attempt is a bit less than satisfactory but I have some other ideas to try out.
Fun for me, a design puzzle to solve.

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phonelady said...

I am very proud to say i crocheted a sunglass case this past summer and it looks rather good . also so happy you are getting your pockets out there . I hope you sell lots of them lol !!!