Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some questions about plants.

This tree is outside the window of my little cousin in New Jersey, USA. It's some kind of pine tree. Are those baby pine cones? They look really sweet, like decorations. Do you know what kind of pine this is?

This fruit looks like a cherry. Is it? The leaves are a dark reddish color. Someone, who shall remain nameless, took a bite out of one, with the rest of us saying "don't do that!"  The tree is in the park near my home in Richmond, Virginia, USA

I've been busy making "pockets." I'm obsessed with them. I've got lots made but only a couple (other than the Skull-a-day ones) in my Etsy shop. I've been too busy sewing to take pix and list. Soon, I'll do it soon. Isn't this flowered one cute? It's shown here on a mailing bag because I sent it off to my older sister. I hope she likes it. She's the person who gave me the fabric awhile ago.


phonelady said...

I love those little pockets . yes i believe you do have pinecones there on the tree . Oh someone actually bit into one of those things YUCK !!! My kids used to do stuff like that . Used to drive me crazy when they did stuff like that .

youhana said...